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The Tourist office of Gosier organizes guided tours during the tourist high season, between November and April, in partnership with the association Caloucaera Guides.

● [Visit n°1 : the round of puddles
● [Visit n°2 : History and wealt of Gosier’s îlet
● [Visit n°3 : Discovery the creole’s garden
● [Visit n°4 : Beauty of the coast St Félix/Salines
● [Visit n°5 : Gosier, between rural life and politeness: the Village and the way of Paved Bridge
● [Visit n°6 : History and religions of Gosier

Dates, speakers and routes of visits may of changes according to the diverse constraints (unavailability of the speakers, the weather report, the insufficient number of subscribers etc. …).

Experimented guides will make you discover the wealth and the history of Gosier.

All the means of transportation (bus, boat) are included in the visit.

Come to the meeting of the population gosiérienne with the local associations....

All the guided tours are in the 8-€ price list/Adults and 5 €/child (from 3 to 12 years).

Free for the less than 3-year-old children.

They owed on average 4 hours (of 8 hours at 12 am)

At the end of every visit, a meal is offered to the participants.

The registration is compulsory for the Tourist office.

The number of places is limited.

Contact we in 0590 84 80 80

officetourisme at

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