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Name given to the carnival of Gosier. It is a parade of groups " a po " and of groups with snare drums which roam through the streets of the city in very diversified costumes. The departure is launched in the section of Périnet and the arrival is planned at the stage of Montauban Roger Zami.

It is organized by the association " KGK " in partnership with the city, it is the festive and annual event which takes place on Sundays.

Rediscover the edition 2016 of Goziéval:

Annual competition of oxen bootstraps with «the Association Gosiérienne of the Volunteers of Oxen Bootstraps or AGVBT ").
It is a harness of oxen which pull carts in charge of.

The stop of the transport of the sugar cane, marks the beginning of the competitions of Oxen Bootstraps. This annual demonstration, which begins informed of April and which comes to an end in the month December takes place in Gosier, during the employer’s holiday.

Mawché Pannyé Gozyé
The night-agricultural market of Gosier takes place every Friday afternoon. Discover it the flavors of the local country.

"Vidé Gozié Aw"
It is the flea market of Gosier.It takes place last Sunday of every month on the municipal parking lot of Anse Tabarin from 8 am till 1 pm.

"Nwèl Pakala"
It is the Christmas celebration in Gosier. It is an animation around the l’igname Pakala (vegetable country), with to the program, the fair and culinary demonstration, show for children, Christmas songs …

"Jouné Zyanm"
Demonstration which takes place on the beach of Anse Tabarin in April in the program, the conferences, the dishes with yam and animations to value the local agriculture.

The Employers’ Party of Gosier takes place every year with a new theme, during August with diverse sportive and cultural events.

Rhythm of "Gwo Ka" (traditional music on a basis of drums) which gave its name in a popular evening when the dancers and the musicians offer a show improvised to the assembly. It is a moment of sharing and expression of amateur talents.

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