Situated in the heart of Guadeloupe, Gosier is a city with multiple facets, allying the authenticity of a luxuriant campaign with the modern and tourist aspect of the Village.

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The city of Gosier owes its name to a species of pelican of America, "Grand-Gousier" ("Gwan Gouzié" in Creole), become the emblem of the city.

The colonists were the first ones to settle down there because the territory represented a strategic point to the military level. They decided to set up a fort, on a sad, there sad Lunion, who will give his(her) name to the fort.

In 1794, strong Flower of sword was a defensive work in the fight(wrestling) against English and for the institution of the revolutionary diet(regime) in Guadeloupe.

Formerly called district of Saint-Louis (according to King Louis IX Saint patron of the city of the Throat and the parish Saint-Louis, set up as 1658), Gosier was the smallest municipality of Grande Terre, attracting very few inhabitants in this period .

Today, it is the third city the most populated with Guadeloupe, after Abymes and Baie-Mahault.

At first developed around the sugar cane, its agricultural economics extended in coffee plantations, of cocoa, cotton, but also in the hunting and in the peach.

Lands were exploited by landowners’ rich families such as "Dampierre", "Montauban", "L’ Houëzel", who gave their names to districts of the village and its periphery.

From 1943, the tourism developed in Gosier with the construction of the first hotel, "The Pergola", always in service.

With his numerous hotels (symbolic district of the Point of the greenery), his restaurants in the multiple flavors, his good night atmosphere, without forgetting its architectural, cultural and natural assets, the Throat is unquestionably one of the most attractive and most dynamic cities of the islands of Guadeloupe.

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