According to the internal rules of France Nautical Station, every nautical station must be administered by a Council of Station. So, June 12th, 2015, Council of Station of the Throat was established. This Council consists of following actors:

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● Le président de la Station Nautique, M. Jean-Pierre Dupont, maire de la ville du Gosier
● La coordonnatrice de la Station Nautique, Mme. Lyne SAINSILY, responsable du service développement économique et touristique de la ville
● Le coordonnateur de la base municipale, M. Jean-Yves FREDERIC, Directeur des Sports et Directeur Général Adjoint
● Les élus
● Les cadres de l’ Administration communale
● Les acteurs du nautisme
● Les partenaires institutionnels

Thus the obtaining of the label France Nautical Station is the result of a real teamwork and a fruit of a steady work of cohesion.

The round table

Further to the establishment of the Council of Station, a conference open to the public, on the theme "to Undertake in a Nautical Station" was organized by the city in partnership with the CCI.
This event was the opportunity for the professionals, the entrepreneurs and interested to be held informed about the supports and the tools proposed by the city and his partners, to implant their activity on a certified territory "Nautical Station".

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