Party of the Canary Islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean in 150 km off the coast of Morocco, a crew of 6 rowers, managed by Patrick Favre, reached the îlet of the Throat on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 at 4:22 am of the morning, after 48 days and 22 hours crossed at sea. They arrived at the Anse Tabarin, at the Throat at about 8:15 am when their close relations waited for them with some sponsors.

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If the global record of 32 days was not beaten, we can say that the record of French woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean was affected.

The equipage made up of 4 men and 2 women among whom 5 French and 1 Italian - British managed of the exploit to arrive safe and sound to good port.

Patrick Favre is in his 5th rowed across of the Atlantic Ocean there.

Lucie Richard is student engineer of Brittany. She rows for 12 years and pulls in a club of Rennes.
Benjamin Fauchié is a old high-level sportsman. Rower since 2004, he participated in 4 world championships.

Nicolas Moriceau-Gomez is fascinated by veil. He wishes to make the crossing of the solo Atlantic Ocean and ventured on this exercise in team to get ready.

Francesco Tomba is a high-level sportsman who swam 1 200 km around an Indonesian island. He prepares the crossing of Indian Ocean solo.

Aude Dove is fascinated by veil and it was its 1st rowed across. Aude grew up in Gosier and saw frequently the Edmond Bambuck du Gosier middle school during her years of adolescence. We can say that it is a little the daughter of the soil! Gosier was thus a choice of the heart, but also the reason, This sea resort of the Islands of Guadeloupe is the 1st zone safeof Guadeloupe in term of accosting.

Bravo to these highly skilled sportsmen who have of to defy the ocean, with their 20 000 daily knocks of reams!

A welcoming committee of the City of Gosier consisted in particular of Félicienne GANTOIS, Deputy mayor and Vice-president of the committee sports and of Jean-Yves Frédéric, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Department Citizenship and Animation of the local life were anxious to congratulate from their arrival, crew members for their sports and human performance.
Except the exploit of this beautiful adventure, this crossing of the Atlantic Ocean was unfortunately soiled by a human drama. 4 boats had taken the departure in Canary Islands. 2 equipage knew bad weather and technical difficulties which did not allow them to continue, and then gave up. Another boat, classified well nevertheless, one saw one of his team members disappearing at sea. It was about a British equipage.

The performance of these 4 men(people) and 2 women thus is to be greeted !

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