Placed street Félix Eboué (next to the war memorial, on the General Boulevard de Gaulle), the Tourist office is at your disposal to organize your stay in Gosier.

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The Tourist office of the City of Gosier is a body managed in state control with financial autonomy. He is managed by a Council of Exploitation under Jean-Pierre DUPONT’s presidency, Mayor of Gosier and her Vice-president, Nadia CELINI. Inaugurated during the Employers’ Party of August, 2011, he was opened to the public in September, 2011.

Reports between the City of the Gosier and the Tourist office of Gosier are governed by a convention which fixes the common missions:
- Welcome and information of the tourists;
- Tourist promotion of the municipality in connection with the Committee of the Tourism of the Islands of Guadeloupe;
- Coordination of the interventions of the diverse partners of the local tourist development;
- Elaboration and implementation of the local politics of the tourism and the local programs of development. Organization of animations and demonstrations in dialogue with the other municipal services.

The Tourist office conforms besides to a number of commitments intended to guarantee the quality of the service and the welcome of the visitors. Discover the commitments of the Tourist office of Gosier.
The Tourist office consists of a permanent team of 7 municipal agents, but receives regularly trainees of the high school of hotel business and regional tourism, too situated in Gosier.

Contact Tourist office of Gosier: 0590 84 80 80.

The opening hours of the Tourist office of Gosier vary according to the season.

- High season (nov. in April)
On Monday in Friday: 8h-17h
Weekend and days fériés 9h-12h

- Low season (in May-June - seven. - oct.)
On Monday in Friday: 9 hours-13h
Weekend and holidays : closed

- Shoulder season (in July-August)
On Monday in Friday: 9h-16h
On Saturday: 9h-12h
On Sunday and holidays: closed


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