The bathing on the beaches of the Gosier is not watched.
Some general precautions to be taken:
After a long session of bronzing in the sun, avoid diving into the cold water unceremoniously,
So avoid bathing you if you feel itches, shivers, visual and hearing disorders, state of fatigue sudden, fears, cramps or still headaches.
Some advice:
Do you cast anchor before throwing you to the water
Enter gradually the water, have the reflex to wet the thorax, the nape of the neck and the back.
The same advice if you go out of a copious and well-showered meal.

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What’s to be done in case of hydrocution *?

* Hydrocution is an accident which arises mainly after a prolonged exposure to the sun. it is provoked by the difference of temperature of the water and that of the skin. In the contact of the water, vessels, dilated by the prolonged exposure to the sun and the heat, undergo a rough constriction pulling a syncope(syncopation).
You are on the beach(range) or at the edge of a swimming pool and a person is a victim of a hydrocution. First obvious rule(ruler): take(bring) out the person of the water to lengthen(to stretch out) him(it) on a plane surface.
Make so that there is least possible world around the victim so that this one has more air.
Alert(Notify) the Emergency medical service ( 15 ), the fire brigades ( 18 ) and as possible the help which are on site. Verify that the person inhales.
If the answer is yes, tip over the head delicately behind and place her in side position of safety (PLS) while waiting for the help.

Attention on baïnes
A potentially dangerous phenomenon was observed on the beach of the Handle to Jacques, in young-Havre. It is thus recommended to inquire about the schedules of the maréeset not to leave unsupervised the children there.
" The functioning of the baïne is directly connecte to the report existing between the water level which it contains and that of the ocean. The influence of the tide is thus essential
Low tide, the baïne being empty, it presents no danger.

In rising tide, its functioning, its strength and thus its dangerousness are increasing until, submerged by the tide, it presents no more level difference with the ocean. The danger is then worthles.

In low tide, we find the same phenomenon until the baïne is empty.

In high tide, if the baine is totally performed, it presents no more danger. " (Extracted from the site nautical Rescuer

  • Other safety regulation: no animals on beaches : Dogs are not authorized on the beaches of Gosier The access of beaches is formally forbidden dogs even held, as well as all other animals. This measure aims at warning any accident on the beach, to assure the hygiene and to protect the tranquillity of the swimmers.
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