The dogs of 1st category are forbidden the transport: Pitt-Bull, likened boerbull Mastiff and likened Tosa.

The dogs of 2nd category are authorized: Tosa-Stafforshire bull den, american staffordshire den, rottweiller and likened.

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Documents to be presented :

• antirabies Certificate of current validity
• Vaccination certificate
• Assurance written responsibility
• Declaration of detention in the city hall
• Chip
• European Passport

A treatment antistress will assure you a comfort of journey.

Think of getting closer to airline companies for the peculiarities concerning dogs guides and/or dogs of accompaniment.
Furthermore, by order N 2001 - 257 on December 02nd, 2001, the bathing on beaches is formally forbidden animals.

For questions of hygiene animals are forbidden within restaurants.

Animals are tolerated in certain accommodations but the owners specify that they should be small-sized.

Inquire beforehand with your accommodation.

Source : : guide of the airport autumn winter, 2015, Guadeloupe Caribbean Pole

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