The City of Gosier offers other facets as beaches, creeks, fine sand and gastronomy. Cultural activity is particularly rich. The Media library Raoul Georges Nicolo, a few dozen meters from the esplanade of the town is the lair of a cultural expansion and many associations also animate the city thanks to the good rich heritage.

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Tourists can enjoy local events such as exhibition openings, books presentations, educational activities for children, film festivals accessible and well often free.

Similarly, sports events abound in the territory of Gosier. The main advantages are the coast and the countryside of valleys used to participate in sports that do not require a high level of competitiveness. Another way to delve within the nature of the island and the treasures it has to offer and meet the locals.

In summer, the town center of Gosier, is transformed into a giant entertainment site where it is common to attend a free concert, a movie, a zumba time. At Christmas time, tourists can participate in own animations to Christmas in the Caribbean, such as the Christmas market, live cribs...

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