Because the tourism is a right that must be made accessible to the largest number, the Tourist office of the Throat accompanies the tourist actors in their politics of accessibility, in partnership with numerous actors, of which the Committee of the Tourism of the Islands of Guadeloupe (CTIG).

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Numerous activities are already accessible on the territory of Gosier

Tourism furnished home

Name Address Phone/Fax Email/Website Number of accessible rooms
Créole Beach Hôtel & Spa**** Pointe de la Verdure, 97190 Gosier 0590 90 46 46 / 0590 90 46 66 reservation at / 3
Hôtel Fleur d’Épée*** Bas du Fort, 97190 Gosier 0590 90 40 00 reservation at / 8
Hôtel La Maison Créole*** Route de Montauban, 97190 Gosier 0590 84 36 43 info at / 2
Hôtel Le Marifa*** Domaine de mare Gaillard, 97190 Gosier 0590 85 96 31 hotel-marifa at 3
Hôtel Résidence Cannella Beach*** Pointe de la Verdure, 97190 Gosier 0590 90 44 00 reservation at / 4
Karaïbes Hôtel** Pointe de la Verdure, 97190 Gosier 0590 84 51 51 karaibes.hotel@ / 3
Hôtel Pergola Plage** Boulevard Amédée Clara, 97190 Gosier 0590 84 44 44 t_romanos at / 1
La Formule Économique 112/120 lot Gisors Montauban, 97190 Gosier 0590 84 54 91 laformule.economique at 3
Activités "Nature"

The walks and the visits

► Source of Poucet
Situated in the section of Poucet, at the exit(release) of the village, the source is an area of walk today where we can appreciate(estimate) the flora and fauna of Guadeloupe

► Landscaped garden of the Calvary
Placed between the beaches of the handle Tabarin and the Dacha, this landscaped garden is an area of walk fitted out since 1999.
Numerous demonstrations and shows take place, in particular at the level of the deck, called the "open-air theater" there. You can taste local products there while contemplating the sea and by admiring the numerous iguanas which bask there.

► The Fort Fleur d’ Epée
Rich in his past, he shows fights between the English people and the French people in 18th century. Today, artistic exhibitions and cultural events take place there regularly. His strategic position offers a panoramic view on the Bay of the Throat. The visit is free and is made on Mondays from 10 am till 5 pm and from Tuesday till Friday from 9 am till 5 pm. Accessible on-surface to the people in wheelchair.

► The Aquarium of Guadeloupe
Placed in Marina du Gosier, the aquarium is opened every day from 9 am till 5 pm.
At the same time, the structure shelters the KARET association and the School of the Sea which works at the protection of the marine tortoises. The Aquarium possesses the national label " Tourism and Handicap ", guaranteeing to the people in situation of handicap.


► AnseTabarin: situated in the village of Gosier, she shelters the boating center, her swimming pool in sea water and the landing stage where from leaves Saintoises for the îlet of Gosier

►Beach of Bas du Fort, she is near the hotel flower of sword and private residences. The sea is quiet there, it is one ideal place of bathing for the children. The access for the people in wheelchair is possible by the hotel Flower of Sword.

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