Nautical France is engaged through the European federation of nautical tourist destination in the Project Curio Seaty with 6 other partners geographically situated in Spain, Italy, Croatia and Portugal.

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The City of Gosier thanks to the obtaining of its Nautical Label, answered the Collection of Data on its heritage, and its maritime and nautical assets, allowing the Nautical station and the City of Gosier to be referenced in the European scale today
Curioseaty is a route of discovery through Europe submarine and aquatic cultural heritage.

Of the seaside remain theaters of Roman empire, in the sharp know-how of Croatia

builders of ships who allowed to establish a control of Venice of the Adriatic Ocean in the 9th century or in coastal cities which saw the Portuguese and Spanish sailors search new worlds in the 15th and the 16th century, the road gives wings to an adventure Travels European which turns around the extraordinary history and the cultural heritage of the former and modern European maritime civilizations and the companies

Today, the European coastal cities are a prosperous, very often unknown company, a source of the history.

Together, they create an invisible network of the maritime culture "hotspots" which takes life in museums, living fishermen’s communities, and pantheons dedicated to the famous sailors and the ports, the historic sites, the exhibitions ... a melting-jar of customs and former, traditional and modern maritime knowledge which affects the curiosity and the spirit of all the lovers of the sea.

Curioseaty project aims at connecting the big potential of water sports on the market with the inimitable European maritime heritage, calling on to the passion of nautical practitioners for Sea.

The Road will reveal these heritage and to make it visible and accessible to the nautical practitioners, the road marking in Europe as the best destination for the practice of the sports of water - not only for existing sound, state-of-the-art of the nautical infrastructure - but also to offer the experience of a world of maritime history and the culture which is unique and cannot be found in the Old Continent.

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