The Guadeloupean kitchen is influenced by the cultural contributions of the various peoples which followed one another on the island: she is Amerindian, African, European and Indian. This crossed kitchen is generous, simple but flavourful and most of the time, spiced well !

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The best way to discover this traditional and authentic kitchen is to stay at the inhabitant’s who will be pleased to make taste you the good Creole dishes. To the restaurant, will appear on the menus of numerous dishes with sea bream, marlin, tuna, swordfish, snapper.

Concerning shells and shellfish, you will have maybe the opportunity to taste piny lobsters, stars of the local kitchen who abound in waters of the island. They get generally roasted and accompanied with a delicious Creole sauce. The crab is the other speedboat of the local kitchen; it is generally served stuffed. Lambis, clams and burgots (whelks) are other shells which you will find in our kitchen.

Among the really typical dishes, we find the court-bouillon, the blaff, Colombo, stew of chicken or kid, smoked chicken or matété (dish with crab).

Dishes often consist of a delicious cheese-topped dish of vegetables-country: yam, plantain, giraumon ( West Indian pumpkin).

For dessert, exotic fruits hold the beautiful part: in syrup, confits, in frost, jams or simply natural… a real delight! The pineapple, the coconut and the banana are present in numerous desserts. The most renowned sweet Guadelupian specialities are Mont Blanc (cake with coconut), the custard tart in the coconut, the sherbet in the coconut, the banana singed in the rum (stemming from the local production) or still the famous agony of love, speciality of the Saints.

All these flavors find themselves in the restaurants of Gosier where you can take advantage of a disorienting frame to savour our full-flavored dishes. Restaurants in the local colors but also in the theme of world food will allow you to travel a little more.

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