The offer tourist accommodation on the territory of Gosier is particularly rich, and is suitable for all audiences. Perfect sense for the city, which hosted one of the first tourist hotels in Guadeloupe, in the 50s.

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Le Gosier offers a variety of accommodation (hotels, apartments, hostels, guest houses) to a wide audience (couples, seniors, families, persons with disabilities, groups ...) and for all budgets.

The cottages and self catering accommodations are ideal for visitors from a week or more in the host community and preferring prepare meals freely.

Hotels and hotel apartments are suitable for people residing within a week in formula "All inclusive" or half board.

Whatever the choice of accommodation, each visitor must pay the tourist tax.
This tax allows municipalities to finance expenditures related to tourist visits.
The tax is paid by the holidaymaker to the landlord or owner who then transfers to the town.
Are exempt:
- Persons aged under 18,
- Persons holding an employee contract for seasonal work in the town,
- Persons receiving emergency accommodation or temporary relocation,
- Persons who occupy premises managed by associations whose rent is less than an amount that the council determines.
Since 1 January 2015, the public building owners are obliged to adapt their structure to people with disabilities.
Concerned about the well being of all, Thursday, September 10, 2015 the town of Gosier invited the owners and managers of establishments Receiving the Public (ERP) not accessible to people with disabilities to attend an information meeting on this subject .
The meeting, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the islands of Guadeloupe and the City of Gosier, focused on the problems encountered by professionals to achieve compliance of the various structures.
In Gosier, many facilities are accessible to people with disabilities.

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