Discover a territory is not limited to visit its sights, its built heritage and its natural cuisine. The discovery also requires knowledge of cultural practices and patrimoniales.
Since 2013, the Gosier Tourist Office allows tourists to incorporate carnival groups during the famous Goziéval, which is the main attraction of the city during the Carnival period. This device is called : Pass Goziéval.

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Major cultural heritage element of Guadeloupe, the carnival must not only be preserved but also revisited. This is why many activities enrich the program of this extremely popular event.

Pass Goziéval meets several objectives, the main ones being the following :

- Promoting tourism territorial identity on the local and national level through a major event ;

- Maintain and develop the traditional heritage ;

- Promote a dynamic and controlled economic development.

Thus, beyond the cultural issues and notoriety, the Goziéval is a real instrument of development of the destination "Gosier" which is why the Tourist Office of Gosier has designed a product specifically for tourists, the Pass Goziéval . This gives them the opportunity to live a unique and authentic experience in the heart of the carnival tradition.

The next edition of Goziéval is attached to Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Discover the report of the Trade winds TV edition 2016 Pass Goziéval :

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